Crazy Shooter Online

Crazy Shooter Online 2.0

A first-person multiplayer action PC game
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Dalian Kingsoft Interactive Entertainment Co.,Ltd.

Take part in deathmatches and group missions on multiple maps and shoot everything in your path in the multiplayer action game with access to a huge variety of weapons and explosives. The main selling point is the firepower creating lots of explosions during dynamic gaming sessions.

Crazy Shooter Online is an exciting 3D shooting online game developed by Kingsoft and published by CiB Net Station. is featured with simple interface and leisure game environment. On this upcoming July, let us experience the excitement and stimulation of senses by entering the challenging world of Crazy Shooters!
The main feature of is Break the Tradition, Trendy Personality, Fun Experience. Base on this concept, all players can wear the most fashionable clothing and then enter into the battlefield! There will be troves of surprises when players cooperate among the team members, use a wide variety of powerful weapons, brand new fighting mode and so on. Moreover, players can use special weapons to change the enemy into humorous appearance of animals! These funny and unique features are exclusively provided for players!

The most unique feature of this game is the ever changing Avatar system. Players can enjoy various styles of appearance such as military suit, stylish contemporary clothing. As you show your fighting skill and powerful strengths, you can also show your own personality and become the most glamorous among the warriors! The creative Dance HP Recover feature even breaks the record of FPS game! The surprising effects of unique weapons such as Bazooka will bring satisfaction to all the players! Everybody can realize the dream of being a Hero by fighting in the magnificent gaming environment!

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